The stories of my dresses

Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Kenzo Perfection, found on the California Coast

I love browsing thrift and vintage stores; seeking out long lost treasures I imagine once adorned movie stars and style icons.

Perhaps that lovely Marc Jacobs Dress that hangs ever so softly in my closet, was once owned by Sofia Coppola, or photographed by the Sartorialist.  Or that vintage cashmere sweater, that is just a little too big, but perfect for sleeve rolling and layering; perhaps it was once tucked away in a suitcase of Jane Birkin.

I like to imagine the stories of my dresses.

Now, don't get me wrong, oh how I love a beautiful new dress from Barney's. or sweater from Bergdorf's. or bag from Bendel's. 

But there is is something to be said about the rediscovery of lost (and/or tossed) items and the stories of where they have traveled, who they belonged to, and/or a long lost memory of an engagement, wedding, or adventure.

To me fashion is art.  Just like a picasso that hangs in a museum, a vintage Chanel handbag or not-so-vintage Isabel Marant dress deserves that same respect. I cannot leave theses beautiful fabrics, designs, and art pieces to the moths, or worse the landfill.  I want to continue to display them the way they were designed and created to function - I want to to wear them!

They may not be the latest piece off the catwalk of NY or Paris Fashion Week, but to me they have even more worth - they carry on a story.

I like to imagine the stories of my dresses.

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