Guest Blogger: Lela Rose x Lane Bryant Collaboration Review

Monday, April 27, 2015

We are so excited to have our first guest blogger on Story of My Dress! Deb aka Shoeho is reviewing for us the recently released Lela Rose x Lane Bryant collaboration for all our fabulous plus size readers . . .

"While I had my coffee this morning, I looked at the new Lela Rose x Lane Bryant collaboration. I've got to say I wasn't wildly overwhelmed. The reason? Mostly synthetic fabrics. However, two things tempted me. The watercolor high/low tee and the pink graphic print dress.  

I rejected the watercolor high/low tee because it's polyester. Loved the print, but I cannot understand how a non-breathable fabric in mid summer is supposed to be comfortable.The price was not particularly low; $88 for a very simple top. Please! A silk/cotton blend or a cotton sateen would have made far more sense.

I did order the pink graphic print dress ($128), which is cotton/spandex. I've been in the market for a mostly white semi-dressey dress for a few seasons now. This one seemed to fit the bill. I'm not very tall (5'4") so the fact that the print is only on the upper body will be helpful with adjustments. Also, it's summery but not a floral. I'm getting floral'd out and most of the lines aren't even in stores yet! I do wonder about the fabric quality from looking at the pix. I'm not sure if it's the pressing job or the fabric itself, but there were some wrinkles and puckering visible in the enlargements. We'll see...

Lane Bryant does not allow one to use it's many discounts on the designer lines when they are first released. They get marked down; some sizes sell out, but the lines don't usually sell out immediately. The quality is decent, but imo they need to get it a little more together. They need to realize they are dealing with a different price point, thus a different customer who may be a bit pickier. Also, several items in the look book, a shorter version of the watercolor dress and a trench coat, were not available."

Thanks Deb aka Shoeho for your honest feedback of the Lela Rose x Lane Bryant collaboration and contribution to Story of My Dress!


*all images courtesy of Lane Bryant

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