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Friday, January 8, 2016

"I have enough jewelry" - said no one ever

These days it seems like you can get just about anything in a subscription box. I've given a number of beauty boxes a try, including Birchbox, Sample Society and Glossybox. However I am often overwhelmed by all the samples I end up receiving hoarding and have to take breaks more often than not from receiving them. Not the case with Rocksbox. Every time a Rocksbox appears at my doorstep I am jumping for joy and keep it for much longer than I probably should to truly take advantage of the subscription, because I just adore every piece of jewelry I receive. And I never want to send it back. And of course I could never have enough jewelry.

If you haven't heard of Rocksbox, it goes a little something like this. For just $19 a month Rocksbox gives you unlimited, that's right unlimited, access to rent from an ever rotating closet of designer jewelry. When you sign up you take a simple style quiz and add items to your wishlist to help give your new Rocksbox "stylist" a sense of your personal taste and style. Each box you receive comes with 3 pieces of jewelry to wear on loan, hand selected based on your preferences from the quiz and your wishlist. You get to keep those 3 pieces to wear as much as you want, as long as you want. And than return anytime to get 3 new pieces! Each set is worth an average of $200. So for $19 you get to wear $200 worth of jewelry, a pretty good deal to me! And in case you fall in love with a certain piece of jewelry and just have to have it, each month you also get $10 in shine spend to apply towards a purchase. There is also free pre-paid shipping both ways, zero hassle and little commitment, perfecto!

I have honestly loved every piece I have received from Rocksbox, even if I wasn't quite sure at first. It's a great way to explore new jewelry styles without the commitment. In my first Rocksbox I received the Kendra Scott rayne necklace in rose quartz (pictured above), Sophie Harper pave z ring in gold (pictured above) and Gorjana layla stud earrings (not pictured. In my second and current Rocksbox I received the Jenny Bird crescent moon necklace in gold (pictured below), Kendra Scott tessa stud earrings in chalcedony (not pictured) and Slate double bar ring set (pictured below). I am seriously contemplating keeping both the Jenny Bird necklace and Slate rings, love them! You can also apply shine spend to previous sets and I might have to go back and buy that Sophie Harper pave z ring. 

If you're interested in giving Rocksbox a try, you can use code storyofmydressxoxo and receive one month free! You can sign up here.

"If loving jewelry is a crime, we plead guilty" 


*please note: product samples

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