The Zipper Dress by Poppyseed: Engineered to Change with You

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Zipper Dress by Poppyseed: Engineered to Change with You

Introducing The Zipper Dress! This dress is transformative, literally. Engineered to change with you through different stages of your life, the Zipper Dress by designer Rebekah Adams of new brand Poppyseed Clothing, will instantly become a wardrobe favorite!

The Zipper Dress was designed for women to dress seamlessly from one life stage to the next, particularly before, during and after pregnancy. It's also perfect for that time of the month when you're feeling a little bloated and need to just unzip a little. Dual separating zippers are sewn onto inverted front pleats, allowing the wearer to change the shape of the dress, while back and front darts keep it clean and sleek. 

When I travel I try to pack as lightly as possible, making this dress also ideal for suitcase consideration. So easy for day to night. Think on the beach with sandals, a bit unzipped, and later that night with heels, zipped up. So versatile!

The Zipper Dress is also incredibly sustainable. This is not fast fashion. Proudly made in America, this dress is meant to last a lifetime and perfect for re-imagining through each stage of your life. This is not a dress you buy once, wear and toss. But instead quite the opposite, this is a dress you wear many many times and in many different ways.

The Zipper Dress by Poppyseed: Engineered to Change with You

"Inspired by my sister who wanted a dress she could wear before, during and after pregnancy, The Zipper Dress solves a problem I saw facing my friends and sisters and now myself. This dress is the solution to your wardrobe needs."
- Rebekah Adams, founder and creator of Poppyseed

The Kickstarter campaign for the Zipper Dress and Poppyseed launched on February 2 and ends this Friday February 27. Be sure to check it out (and the video!) and show your support for The Zipper Dress and Poppyseed Clothing!


More Information about The Zipper Dress & Poppyseed Clothing:
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The Zipper Dress by Poppyseed: Engineered to Change with You


  1. Wow this looks really interesting .. Waiting to know more :)

  2. What a cool dress and concept! Definitely going to check out Rebekah's Kickstarter. :)

  3. This is a cool idea! It's great when people come up with new ideas to make our clothes more long-lasting and sustainable.

  4. This is incredibly innovative. What a great idea. I wish Rebekah all the best!

    I love how you styled this dress too. You look so chic. The suitcase and sunnies are amazing!