What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

With less than a week until our wedding, S and I are crossing our final T's and dotting our final I's in preparation for our Big Day! Our endless to-do list is beginning to shrink down to just a few last items to take care of and friends and family are starting to arrive in Seattle! We are down to the nitty gritty details and beginning to pack up everything we might need to get hitched, including the oh-so-important Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

If you've ever been a bride or bridesmaid it's likely you're familiar with the Wedding Day Emergency Kit. This kit contains all those just-in-case items needed to avoid mishaps and make sure your dream wedding goes off perfectly! Kept close at hand in the bridal prep area and throughout the ceremony and reception, these lifesavers make sure you're ready to handle anything.

I recommend packing up the kit in a tote bag, tackle box or the Sterilite Stack & Carry Tray Organizer Storage Tote (which is what I'm using). If you're not the DIY type or too busy wedding planning (seriously, I get it!), the Sheemergency Kit for Brides by Pinch Provisions is a great option. Priced at less than $40 with 50 travel size products, this kit is ready for any emergency and also perfect for packing for your honeymoon!

If you're more of the minimalist and interested in a mini kit with just the absolute must have essentials for mishaps, Wedding Wire recommends 7 Things You Actually Need in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit. It's also perfect as a starter kit and you can create the rest of your kit with exactly what will meet your unique needs.

However since I'm one that tends towards the better-safe-than-sorry, a Wedding Day Emergency Kit with all the essentials is a must-have for me. I've listed below everything I'm including in my kit. Because as much as I've spent the last 12 months preparing and creating a perfect day-of itinerary, I know that hiccups are bound to happen.

~ What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit ~

What To Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Happy National Thrift Shop Day! 5 Items I Always Look For When Thrifting

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thank you Value Village for partnering on this post and graciously coordinating a shopping excursion to my local Value Village to score some finds in honor of National Thrift Store Day! Affiliate links are used throughout this blog. Thank you for supporting Story of My Dress! All opinions are my own!

Happy National Thrift Store Day! 5 Items I Always Look For When Thrifting

Happy National Thrift Store Day! 5 Items I Always Look For When Thrifting
Aritzia Wilfred Top thrifted! | APC Denim Cutoff Shorts (DIY, similar) thrifted! | Jimmy Choo Kitten Heel Pump thrifted! | Moorea Seal Anniversary Tote c/o | Cole Haan Aviator Sunglasses | BZR Amethyst Sunglasses | Target Faux Fur Jacket (similar) thrifted!

Happy National Thrift Shop Day! I've long loved the thrill of visiting a thrift store and finding that "unicorn" item. Most of my outfits typically include at least one thrifted item and on many days my entire outfit is thrifted (recent outfits featuring thrifted items: here, here here and here)!

Since my early childhood days of thrifting at the local island thrift shop with my Mom to the discovery of Value Village as a teenager and all the Abercrombie and J.Crew I could fill my cart with (at a fraction of the cost compared to the Abercrombie at the mall on my measly summer camp counselor salary), I have always loved to thrift for not only the economical reasons, but also the environmental, fashionable and stylish ones!

With nearly 96% of retail items at Value Village priced under $10, shopping secondhand can seriously benefit your closet and bank account. However shopping secondhand also has a huge impact on the planet. It can take 700 gallons of water to make one new cotton t-shirt and the average American throws away 81 pounds of clothing each year. Thrifting can help your lower your clothing footprint. (Here are 5 steps to Give a Sh!rt and lower the ecological footprint of your closet.)

In additional to the economical and environmental impacts of thrifting, shopping secondhand also provides unlimited opportunities for creating unique outfits and discovering vintage and designer fashion. Whether it's finding that vintage band tee from the 70s or a designer item from a sold out past collection, there's just nothing like the thrill of the hunt (and the find!) for these treasures. My vintage Bottega Veneta Bag, ChloƩ sunglasses, vintage Levis, Rag & Bone Boots and favorite vintage Tees are some of my favorite items in my closet, and all are thrifted!

In fact, almost the entire outfit I am wearing in this post is thrifted! That Aritzia Wilfred top? Found at Value Village for $3.99! Those DIY APC denim shorts I'm wearing? Yup, thrifted at Value Village! Jimmy Choo kitten heels? Thrifted! Faux Fur Jacket? Thrifted! I only added a few accessories of sunglasses (both received as gifts) and my Moorea Seal Anniversary Tote c/o. This whole outfit cost less than $100! Seriously, I love thrifting!

In honor of National Thrift Shop Day, I'm heading out to my local Value Village in search of 5 items I'm pretty much always searching for when I visit a thrift store. While I might look in other departments (and I promise to share some of my favorite thrifting tips shortly!), these are the 5 items I always focus on, especially if I'm short on time or feeling overwhelmed with a cluttered secondhand store.

Romping Around Alki Beach in Summer

Friday, August 11, 2017

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Romping Around Alki Beach in Summer

Romping Around on Alki Beach in Summer

7 Charming Sisters necklace c/o (sold out, similar) | Aritzia Jumpsuit (sold out, similar) | mywalit verona backpack c/o | mywalit double flap purse/wallet c/o | Target dv Kenli Perforated Mule Booties | Forever 21 Cardigan Sweater (sold out, similar) | Timex Originals Watch c/o

Alki Beach is one of my favorite spots in our West Seattle neighborhood. Known for the only sandy stretch of beach in Seattle, a boardwalk, and gorgeous views of the Seattle city skyline; it tends towards a California vibe with summer weekend volleyball tournaments, sunset beach bonfires and coastal beach boutiques.

Just around the bend from the main stretch of Alki the crowds dwindle a bit (especially in summer when Alki can get PACKED) and the less crowded path is perfect for a romp, walk or jog. Marination Ma Kai, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants is on this stretch and I highly recommend the sexy tofu tacos or pretty much anything on their menu for some delicious Hawaiian-Korean cuisine. A perfect spot as a break or destination.

For a recent jaunt to Alki Beach I grabbed my favorite and oh-so-comfortable Aritzia jumpsuit from my closet (sold out, similar). I truly believe jumpsuits are the perfect alternative to a dress or any kind of decision related to matching or not matching; just accessorize and you're good to go.

Photography: Studio Underground
Makeup: Marisa Peltier

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