All posts presented on this blog are created and designed by me solely for this blog. Please feel free to share, but recognize that these posts take time to create and sometimes include images i do not own but always source. Please always include a link back to the original post. Also, if you find an image that is sourced incorrectly or you would like to be removed, please contact me and I am happy to oblige. 

As you may or may not be aware, there are many ways in which a blogger can “monetize” their blog. I do this a few ways. I want you to know that I do not accept free items, money, or any other forms of compensation in exchange for fake or dishonest reviews. All items that I write about will be my honest opinion, the good, bad and the ugly, or I will not write about it at all. I will pass on any opportunities that do not align with my personal values or style. 

Sponsored Posts
Occasionally I will post sponsored content, which means that I was paid to write about a particular product or experience. Often a brand will contact me directly, send a product they would like me to try, and provide me a few talking points about their product. Additionally, I will share my honest personal experience with the product(s) or service(s). On social media, you will see sponsored content denoted by the #ad and/or #sponsored hashtag(s).

Affiliate Links
This blog contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means that I may receive a commission on the sales of products that are linked in my posts. All products associated with affiliate links are things I truly love and support, and the affiliation in no way influences what I post or write about. On posts which contain clothing and beauty items, you may notice links to the products so that you can check them out on the retail website and purchase them if you so choose. Clicking on an affiliate link from my blog may place a tracking cookie in your browser to provide me with a small commission. 

Product Samples
Sometimes companies offer to send me product sample(s) in consideration for inclusion in my blog or a share on social media. Sometimes this is a piece of clothing or a beauty product, and I incorporate it into a post and share my honest opinions about the item(s). Any products that are featured that have been gifted will always be acknowledged c/o in the post.

Complimentary Services
Complimentary Services are defined as services that were provided in exchange for a blog post and/or sharing on social media. This means that I was, for example, given a free haircut in exchange for sharing my honest experiences at the salon. 

More Information - If I missed something else and you’re wondering about it, please contact me at any time. Thanks so much for stopping by Story of My Dress!

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