Paris is always a good idea

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Anyone else dreaming of Paris after Fall 2015 Paris Fashion Week?! Serious wanderlust right now. And those shows! Loved Chanel's cafe themed show (Cara Delevingne, Crossaints...), and of course I just adored everything at Isabel Marant (as always). It was particularly nice to see those high waisted pants, gorgeous sweaters, and boho details a la Isabel Marant!

To tide us over until our next trip to Paris, a little Parisian inspiration....
oh Paris je t'aime! xoxo

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  1. Will you be in Paris in September? I'm returning for more inventory then and it would be so much fun to meet! xoxo

    1. I wish! Would love to be in Paris in September, hope you have a fab visit! And yes would be so fun to meet someday. xoxo