Always an Island Girl

Friday, August 7, 2015

Moorea Seal Morley Hat, Moorea Seal Desert Monument Necklace
K. Jacques Flavia Crisscross Sandals, Emerald Cuff Westmont Quilted Dress
Moorea Seal Morley Hat, Moorea Seal Desert Monument Necklace
Last weekend Seattle hit 90 degrees and we decided to beat the heat with a day trip to Vashon Island. Only a 22 minute ride by ferry boat from West Seattle, Vashon is one of my favorite islands located on Puget Sound in
the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I grew up on Whidbey Island (another island on Puget Sound, just north of Seattle), and it felt so good to stand on the deck of the ferry and watch the mainland disappear. Once an island girl, always an island girl.

Accompanying us along the way were two of our favorites, the Morley Hat and Desert Monument necklace both available from Moorea Seal. The Moorea Seal shop is a curated collection of beautiful accessories and objects, highlighting handmade artists from the across the U.S. Moorea Seal donates 7% of all proceeds to non-profits and believe that doing good for others doesn't mean sacrificing great steal, and we agree! The Moorea Seal shop is located in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle, however, you can also find the curated collection on the Moorea Seal website!

On Vashon Island, we spent the day exploring beaches, a lighthouse and ordering coffee and the most amazing pecan cinnamon roll at The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie (the original Seattle's Best Coffee!). We searched for beach glass at Lisabeula Beach Park and even attended an open house, dreaming of days spent living on this magical island.

Once an island girl, always an island girl . . .

Moorea Seal Morley Hat, Moorea Seal Desert Monument Necklace

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