Hey Happy Tea

Thursday, August 6, 2015

So I am by all admittance a coffee addict. I like a good cup (or 3) of light roast drip coffee, with just a couple drops of cream, to start my day.  I also typically crave a bit of espresso in the afternoon and often stop by Analog Coffee, Stumptown or Victrola for my favorite cortado. Hey, I grew up in Seattle and recently returned to the Emerald City, so you can imagine my love affair with coffee. 

However, I also love Tea. Especially tea that makes me happy. Like
Happy Tea from Your Tea. This stuff is so good, I even contemplate giving up coffee (seriously! well maybe...).

Boosting energy levels to the moon and back, Happy Tea caresses the heart and frees it of stagnant Qi, cleanses the stomach of troubled emotions and allows a weight to lift from your shoulders. Time to get happy! And time to nourish the mind, body and soul. A great alternative to revitalize your energy.

So here's to filling life with love, laughter, happiness and many cups of tea!

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