How to Use Social Media For Your Wedding

Friday, June 30, 2017

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How to Use Social Media For Your Wedding
photo credit: Jenn Haskins of Hello Rigby

When do you share about your engagement on Facebook? Should you have a Wedding #hashtag for your big day? Do you want guests sharing your Ceremony live on Instagram? These are just a few of the many questions I've pondered while preparing for our big day and considering how social media may play apart in our wedding festivities.

I've discovered quite a few great tools related to social media that have come in handy during wedding planning, from website builders to hashtag generators to Snapchat geofilters by WeddingWire. These tools have and continue to make planning easier, while also customizing our wedding festivities and keeping our guests informed. However, there's also some wedding etiquette I've had to consider in regards to social media, such as do we allow phones during our ceremony and when to announce the engagement on social media.

Today I'm sharing 10 tips on how to use social media for your wedding, including a few of the things we are planning to do for our wedding in only 64 days!

7 Anti-Aging Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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7 Anti Aging Tips for Beautiful Healthy Skin

I was super lucky as a teenager and had fantastic skin. This continued into my twenties, and as such, I neglected to adopt any type of daily skin care regimen or consider how my diet or water intake might affect my skin long term. Other than the occasional face wipe to remove a few swipes of mascara from a night out or to clean up while on a camping trip, I thought a skin care routine was for my peers struggling with breakouts and greasy skin.

Lately, however,  I have started to notice some beginning signs of aging; first wrinkles appearing (sigh...), dark under eye circles (particularly on days following a night of little sleep) and spots of discoloration. I've realized it's time to up my game and commit to taking my anti-aging destiny into my own hands. Today I've partnered with Olay to share 7 anti-aging tips for achieving beautiful, healthy skin without spending prestige prices.

A Weekend on Whidbey Island

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thank you Whidbey Camano Islands for partnering on this post and hosting our stay at Inn at Langley and dinner at Orchard Kitchen. Whidbey and Camano Islands are located in the middle of Puget Sound and an easy drive from Seattle. The shortest distance to far away!

A Weekend on Whidbey Island

Just a quick drive and ferry ride from Seattle, Whidbey Island is one of my favorite destinations for a quick weekend getaway. For one, it's the Island I grew up on, and two, my fiancé S and I are getting married on Whidbey in September! Once an island girl, always an island girl! I recently partnered with Whidbey Camano Islands for a weekend visit to Whidbey Island for S and I to gather ideas for our guests for when they visit the island for our Wedding!

The Bride's Guide: 6 Essential Items to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

Friday, June 2, 2017

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The Bride's Guide: 6 Essential Items to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

Well hello 3 month countdown to our Wedding Day! Things are getting seriously real over here in terms of wedding planning. S & I visited Whidbey Island a couple weekends ago (where I grew up and where we are getting married!) and found some great recommendations for our guests for lodging, dining and spending time on the island for our big day!

As much fun as we are having, I'm not gonna lie, wedding planning has been and continues to be a bit stressful. From our guest list, to dress shopping, to the food, to choosing our venue, it was hard to know where to start. With a vision in mind for the perfect day, I've partnered with Babble Box to share a list of 6 items to help things go a little smoother and to prepare any bride for her wedding day . . .

 ~ The Bride's Guide: 6 Essential Items to Prepare for Your Wedding Day ~

The Bride's Guide: 6 Essential Items to Prepare for Your Wedding Day